2014.09.24-Korea Times

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“We are brothers in faith”

500 gather in multi-cultural joint worship service


People of many different culture and languages praised God in one voice.

CMCA(Canada Mosaic Christian Alliance: Director, Rev. John Chung) had a multi-cultural joint worship service at Vaughan Community Church on September 21.

With the theme ‘Dispora New Life Festival,’ the joint service had 500 people from 20 different race and 15 church communities.

The city of Toronto is populated with 220 race speaking 340 languages.

With each ethnic group adhering to its identity and expressing their faith in God, the event was volunteered by 7 Korean churches.

Reverend Paul Nguyen, a Vietnamese, was the host of the event, Rev. Tondo, a Filipino, took care of the announcements and Rev. Solomon of Myanmar church led the joint praise team comprised of members from Vietnamese, Myanmar and Thai churches.  The praise team roused the crowd with songs like Hosanna, One Way and Above All.  The congregation all stood up joining their hearts and voices.

Rev. Emanuel Mukendi of Church of the Eternal Word, a Russian speaking church, prayed for the service and Rev. Jacob Joo of Soojung Church delivered the sermon in English.

Rev. Joo preached in the title of ‘Experiencing the Power of the Gospel’ based on Romans 1:15-16.

He emphasized that we are “one God, one faith, one brother and sister in Jesus Christ” and explained that “by blood of Jesus’s sacrifice, he died for our sins, we became redeemed from past, transformed in the present and glorified in the future.”

He concluded by saying “God’s gift to all of us is the salvation and that we should all receive this gift with open heart.”

The event continued with offering prayer by Rev. Rohan Silva of Sri Lankan Sinhalese church followed by performances from the attending ethnic groups.

Drum playing by Korean ladies opened the performances and was followed by Filipino folk dance.  Rev. Cousins of TIM Centre delivered a word of encouragement.

A special number by Sri Lankan team, Thai traditional dance, and praise from Russian team followed.  Testimonies came next.  Rev. Suchitra Chowattanakul of the first Thai church in Toronto and Mr. M who converted to Christianity from Islam shared their stories.

Rev. Song of Youngnak church who initiated the multi-cultural mission prayed at the end of the service and gave benediction.  Participants shared food prepared by the organizers and joined in a fellowship.

Rev. John Chung, director of CMCA said “15 churches and people from about 20 different races came to the festival.  Some just heard the news and came to the event.  The prospect is quite promising.  We’ll have the festival every year.  Chinese community