We welcome you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In Canada, there are around 220 Diaspora communities from different nations, cultures, and languages (over 340) who are living here together with us as neighbours. We believe it is the wisdom and providence of God to have set up these communities alongside us because many of them have had no access to the Gospel. Therefore, we ask you, our brothers and sisters in Christ to hear the calling of God for in our times to partner with us in this work of His Kingdom.

The Mosaic Cultural ministry of CMCA seeks to reach out to the people and communities God has brought here to Canada as neighbours by networking  churches and mission organizations with fledgling churches from these diaspora communities. We want to build up our brothers and sisters in faith from these immigrant communities so that they will develop their own leadership and bear witness to the Gospel in their own culture and language. Specifically, CMCA envisions a ministry in which the established churches in Canada, as members, help support these diaspora community Christians to establish houses of worship in accordance with our Christian faith and teachings.

The CMCA seeks to provide for the leaders of these churches the appropriate training, education, and resources needed for their continued growth and development.  We will strive to design and implement programs that accommodates for the cultural and linguistic diversity of the communities.

Through this, we hope that all of us will be faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ, sharing in His Good News and blessings, for this generation.

May the blessings of God be with all of you.

John H. Chung

Canada Mosaic Christian Alliance

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