CMCA Strategy

samaritan woman

1. Assist ethnic communities where Christians are a minority by establishing houses of worship, enabling Christians of these ethnic communities to pursue their faith.

  • The CMCA helps the new churches with their independent growth and development so that they may become autonomous and serve to advance and evangelize Christian teachings to their own respective ethnic communities, in their respective languages and in a culturally sensitive way.

2. Empower the leaders of these emerging Christian community churches by providing them with training in the religious tenets, doctrines, and observances of Christianity.

  • In order for the new church to continue to be self-sustained, the CMCA also offers new church leaders (pastors or laity leaders) to receive higher learning and training in the Christian faith and doctrine, by holding Christian education seminars, theology studies, church activity know-how and skills about implementing church programs, missionary studies, and spiritual revival events.