Our Vision and Mission


CMCA reaches out to the people God has brought to us here in Toronto and Canada….

1. To advance the Christian religion by establishing houses of worship with services conducted in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of Christianity.

2. To advance the Christian religion by teaching the religious tenets, doctrines, and observances associated with Christianity.

The Providence of God

…bringing the nations and people groups into Canada as our neighbor as refugees, immigrants, international students, foreign workers, and travelers?

…bringing people from places, which are largely inaccessible to the Gospel  because of political, religious and geographical reasons.

Acts 1:8  “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth

Placing us in Canada to plant/revive churches

Esther 4:14 : … who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this? 

Faith Statements

  1. We believe in God, One, True, and Living, existing (necessarily) and eternally in the three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. a) God created and structured and sustains the Universe, and therefore all things, visible, invisible, through His Word, out of nothing, and for His glory.
  3. We believe God created humanity in His image, to have fellowship with Him, and be His representatives to Creation. Their lives, their work, their society, and their culture, are to serve and glorify who God is, and reflect His goodness.
  4. a) All of humanity however have sinned and fallen away from God, estranged from God, from fellow human beings, and from the rest of Creation, and unable to reconcile with God by their own power.
  5. Jesus Christ, the Word of God incarnate, the Son of God, is the sole redeemer and renewer of our life. He has reconciled us to God by His life, suffering, death, and the resurrection, forgiven our sins, and delivered us from the power of death.
  6. a) Christ is therefore Lord over all things, over peoples and histories, and He will return at the end of the age to judge the world, and bring final completion to His salvation.
  7. b) God so loved the world that He has granted us the gift of eternal life, and adopted us into His family through what Christ has accomplished, and by His grace alone.
  8. c) We receive eternal life by accepting in faith, in repentance of our sins and confession of who Jesus is, in response to what God did.
  9. We believe in the Holy Spirit, who worked upon the world from Creation, who ties all things to God, and persuade us to repent and confess Jesus as Lord.
  10. a) It is the Holy Spirit who testifies to God, leads us to God, and is present in all people who has been given new life through Jesus Christ.
  11. We believe the Scriptures are the essential and trustworthy testimony to what God has accomplished and taught us, written by Divine Inspiration, thereby the only infallible and absolute rule of faith and practice.
  12. a) We acknowledge that the scriptures are to be interpreted according to their context and purpose, but read in reverent obedience to the Lord who speaks through them in living power.
  13. We believe that God, by his Word and Spirit creates the one holy universal Church, calling the whole fallen, human race into the fellowship of Christ.
  14. a) The Church is to make disciples of all nations, by the ministry of the word and the sacraments, by striving for God’s justice and righteousness, and answering the call to be the body of Christ in this world for each generation.
  15. We believe in the end of Days, when Jesus shall return, when the dead are raised for judgment, and the history will end with the completion of God’s redemptive work.

Vision Statement


CMCA reaches out to the people God has brought to us here in Toronto and Canada by…

  1. Helping the minority immigrant communities [CMCA diaspora communities] to start their own churches in their native language, culture, and tradition, and provide concrete support and close fellowship until they are independent financially, numerically, and spiritually.
  1. Developing indigenous leadership within their church and their culture.
  1. Serving the churches of CMCA diaspora communities and other minority communities, to grow enough to reach out to their own community in Canada and their home countries and to plant or support the churches there, and to partner with them in the biblical task of making disciples of all nations.






  • CMCA draws its name from mosaic artwork. In a mosaic, each piece contributes individually and equally to the beautiful whole.
  • In the same way, CMCA seeks to support the ethnic minorities in Toronto and Canada to have autonomous churches that help create the mosaic of the Kingdom of God.